Complex solution for online Cab Taxi business

Save up to 90% time and money with taxi cab dispatch software

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Quick implementation

Unlike development from scratch, you will need only 14 days to implement taxi dispatch software. Fully customized cab business infrastructure for the taxi system by already developed algorithms.

Significant cost reduce

You buy a ready-made taxi dispatch system much cheaper than complex software development from an agency or in-house team.

No risks

Our taxi dispatch software is tested and works smoothly. You get both stable limo software and experienced support team that knows all the details of a taxi business.

Full customization

We can customize the taxi dispatching software for your business needs, apply your corporate colors and logo.

Technical support

You'll get at hand technical support and assistance to solve possible issues.


Adaptability — all taxi system features are adaptable for any device.

Taxi dispatch software is the online taxi service too

We bring the best all-in-one limo software solution.

Control Panel Driver App Passenger App Corporate module

All-in-one solution to elevate your taxi dispatching software.

  • Create and manage orders
  • Financial management and control
  • Blacklists of drivers and passengers
  • Settings

Control Panel


All-in-one solution to elevate your taxi dispatching software.

  • Reception of orders
  • Travel history
  • Chat
  • Downtime calculation
  • Blacklist

Driver App


All-in-one solution to elevate your taxi dispatching software.

  • Personalized app for your brand
  • Easy installation and booking
  • Possibility of fine-tuning according to your tasks
  • Notifications and chat
  • Online payment option

Passenger App

All-in-one solution to elevate your taxi dispatching software.

  • Corporate client portal
  • The option to add employees to your company
  • Reporting viewing
  • Company balance sheet and warning about delays.

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Explore how taxi dispatch software makes your business Easier and More Effective

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Get individual UI/UX design for your passenger app

Make your taxi cab business app personalized and bright

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7 steps for taxi dispatching software implementation

Spend just 14 days to implement the finished system



Choosing a relevant solution to your taxi cab business and possible ways of its implementation.



Counting cost and time efforts required to deliver within the shortest time frame.


System configuration

Get fully configured and functional infrastructure for your taxi booking business.



Setting up additional equipment required for your taxi business solution.



Educational training for employees to ensure their knowledge and qualification in working with the taxi software.



Product launch. Finally, you will get 100% working ready-made modules configured to your taxi management software, tested, and ready to work.



Maintenance. Further technical and business support.


What is Cab.Software?

Cab.Software is a taxi management software to automate taxi operations. The taxi-business system holds a control panel, passenger app, driver app and a corporate module. Software enables easy booking, managing and executing of the taxi hiring and dispatch process from one platform.

Why should I use Cab.Software?

Cab.Software allows taxi-business to cut down on the efforts laid in manual vehicle control, and builds a wide infrastructure for successfully starting a taxi business. Cab.Software allows to manage transactions, perform fare calculations, and extract reports from dashboard. You get easy-to-use CRM system to manage customers and influence the retention rate.

Does Cab.Software suit small taxi companies?

Yes. Cab.Software suits well for small, medium and big taxi companies. An in-built list of features was created in consequence with the core requirements of all taxi companies.

Is Cab.Software easy to use and affordable?

Cab.Software is a ready to use taxi management software suitable for a variety of transportation businesses. The integrated modules and ready apps allow users to use software immediately after the purchase. You can only change the colors to make the app suit your corporate identity.

What do I need to have to start work upon Cab.Software?

You just need a smartphone and a PC for starting a taxi business. Cab.Software doesn’t require extra hardware or heavy equipment. Just log in from your current location. Cab.Software is adaptable into your current taxi business.

How much does it cost to use Cab.Software?

Visit the Pricing page for more details about available packages.

Do I need to pay any additional fees or charges?

No. We only charge based on the pricing plans displayed in the Pricing section.

I have more questions, what should I do?

Feel free to contact us for any clarification over any mode of communication or visit us at

Grow your taxi cab Business with CAB Software