Control Panel for your Online Taxi

Control and manage your business based on the most complete data in real-time. We have created a really useful and convenient interface.

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Create and manage orders

  • The logic for driver selection based on 10+ parameters
  • Current and completed assignments in the big picture
  • Creating an order online and calculating the preliminary cost
  • Real-time car location
  • Order assignment for the selected driver
  • Online Call Processing with VoIP
  • Online alert (SMS/PUSH)
  • Complete order life cycle

Company finance management module

  • Basic financial accounting
  • Top-up corporate customers
  • Top-up drivers (manual / external)
  • Drivers’ revenue control

Company Activity Reports

  • A detailed report on each driver’s ride.
  • The movement of financial resources on the accounts of a particular driver.
  • The number of fines for each driver.
  • A detailed report on all rides.
  • Summary report on the number of processed orders by the dispatcher.
  • The number of SMS messages or push notifications sent to passengers.


  • Passenger blacklist The driver who got into this blacklist will never receive an order from this passenger.
  • Driver Blacklist The driver will never receive an order from the passenger from this blacklist.
  • Dispatch blacklist A passenger or driver who got in this blacklist will never be able to place an order or get a job.

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